Download free version 1.0.5217.15967 from April, 14 2014

Everythink is fair, files checked and doesn't contain malicious code or advertising installers. However the operating system and antivirus software may warn you about them potentially unsafe - it's okay, just keep

• In cases where the application does not start try to install Microsoft .NET Framework version of 4.0 or higher

• To make voluntary donation to support the project possible with help of SMS or by requisites, listed below.

Remember, the Great Creator loves creativity!

Poet is an elaborated text editor for Windows with a friendly interface. Simple and free.

Application features:

• rhymer
• detail thoughtful dialogue to save files
• multiple document processing, floating tabs and windows
• very convenient interactive search engine with results backlit and scrolling
    • support for regular expressions (php-notation)
    • replacement of supporting substitutions
    • regular expression designer
• navigation through the document and text processing
    • line numbering
    • selection of the current line
    • kinesthetic scrolling
    • shared text area
    • easy font scaling
    • statistics on the documents
    • slip
• integration with online services
    • search and translation
    • spell check (Russian and English)
• support for all known encodings
    • automatic detection of encoding
• integration with the explorer and association with files
• recent files (developed concept)
• functions for developers
    • syntax highlighting (XML, HTML, CSS, SQL, Java, C #, C + +, PHP, Ruby, Python , and others)
    • automatic closing brackets
    • folding Snippets
    • "smart" word completion

• and more ...


Version 1.0.5217.15967, April 14, 2014

Files do not contain malicious code, but the operating system and antivirus software may warn you about their potential insecurity. It's okay, just keep.

If the application does not start, try installing .NET Framework version 4.0 or higher.


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